Welcome to Zin's Signature Gourmet bakery operated by Ro Z's.

We offer a variety of gourmet custom-made to order confections, treats, and baked goods including cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and specialty items.  Only quality ingredients...along with a little love, go into every single piece we create.  We do appreciate advance orders to ensure we can fulfill your request without a rush. Listed below are items that only require a couple days notice. Phone Orders - 760-744-0447













The grid below offers ideas of customized offerings.

We proudly feature Zin's Signature Gourmet Cookies, as well as Ro Z's Custom Products, like brownie filled roses, shortbread cookies, Russian Tea cookies and Wedding cookies. 

Please email us at

to place a custom cake, cookie, cupcake, or edible icing sheet order.


In addition to our regular menu, we do offer choices for those with special needs.

We offer gluten-free, Vegan, and nut-free options,

however our site is not free of nuts, dairy, gluten.

At this time, we are not offering perishable items like fruits (strawberries, etc.). 

We offer delivery or meet up options during these pandemic times. Delivery fees vary.


Custom Cookies

Zin's Signature Cookies

for every occasion


Custom Cakes

Zin's Signature Cakes

Custom Made to Order


Decorate Your Own Cookie Kit

Great Activity for all

Kit includes all you need!


Custom Treats

Zin's Signature Treats

Delicious Creative Confections


Custom Cookie Kits

Ro Z's Custom Cookie Kits for Parties / Favors / Corporate

Decorating a Cookie

Paint Your Own Cookie Kit

Kit includes all you need to create painted cookies