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🔥MERV 16 Face Mask Filters. Best protection, period. Boost any face mask to 99% efficiency with the only sanitizable & reusable MERV 16 quality filter insert. Breath safer with cutting edge nonwoven fabric and nanofiber technology.

This is the original MERV16 face mask filter insert, the most advanced facemask filter available. Dragonscale can be used with any face mask with or without a filter pocket. Our unique patterned filter is made from the best rated protective filter fabric available, exclusively made in the USA. This fabric is being used to manufacture N95 masks. Don't settle for fakes or sub-standard face mask filters when your protection is on the line. If it doesn't say Dragonscale it's not the best! 

✓ Highest Available MERV16 Rating in a filter insert 
✓ 95% filtration of 0.3 micron particles** 
✓ Over 99% particle filtration efficiency when combined with 2 layers of cotton and tested on a TSI filter tester** 
✓ Laminated layer blocks moisture droplets 
✓ Triple layer, Non-woven Polypropylene fabric & Nanofiber fabric 
✓ No chemicals, no fiberglass, no dust, non-toxic 
✓ Ultra-thin, Lightweight, Breathable  
✓ Washable and Sanitizable  
✓ Large filter insert 5.6in x 3.8in, with proprietary contoured shape for full coverage in your face mask
✓ Special finger holds make insertion a breeze
✓ Fits most face masks, trimmable if desired

MERV rating tells you, on a scale of 1-16, how effectively your filter traps small particles, higher is better. MERV14 and higher is used in hospitals and clean rooms. MERV13 and lower is not used in these settings.

Packed in a 2 month supply (14 filters).

These face mask filters are washable and reusable; you clean them 4 times before discarding to reduce waste and save money. See filter insert care & usage instructions to get the most bang for your buck.

Filter insert care & usage:
USE ONE fresh filter per day. At the end of each day, place used filter in a ‘holding area’ for used filters such as a paper bag, and isolate this from contact so you do not handle potentially contaminated filters. At the end of each week, wash or sanitize the batch of used filters.
TO WASH: Gently hand wash in hot water with mild detergent for two minutes. After two minutes rinse well. Squeeze out moisture, lay flat and allow to air dry.
TO SANITIZE: Place a baking dish of water in oven to produce moist heat. Heat filters in a separate baking dish in an oven at 150ºF for 30 minutes. Flip over after 15 minutes. Do not exceed 160ºF.  (Follows CDC guidelines)
After washing or sanitizing, before wearing filters, check the filter to make sure fabric has no loss of integrity. We recommend discarding after 4 times to preserve efficacy and reduce the risk of residual dirt buildup. Do not microwave.

**The TSI 8130a is a machine used to test effectiveness of N95 respirators  (42 CFR Part 84)  and by respirator manufacturers to quality test their products and is approved by NIOSH. The tests were run by third parties and we assume no responsibility or liability for their accuracy, but we feel comfortable sharing this information as we believe in the reported results. We have completed efficacy testing on this material after using the cleaning methods described, and have determined there is no loss in quality of the filter after 4 cleanings.

Dragonscale MERV16 Face Mask Filter Inserts - 2 Month Supply


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