Ro Z's edible glitter shimmer Mermaid Tail candy toppers are sugarfree, glutenfree, and are Keto friendly. 6 Toppers are included. They are composed of top quality isomalt sugar (sugarfree, low glycemic index), FDA approved ingredients, and made in the USA. Use them on desserts, top cupcakes, in drinks or as a garnish on a glass rim! Each mermaid tail is a bit different, and are approximately 2"x2" in size. Use care when using, as they begin to melt when in contact with moisture. Not suitable for toddlers or children under the age of 5.  

Edible Shimmer Mermaid Tail Toppers

Mermaid Tail Color Options:
  • Enjoy this edible sugar-free garnish in cocktails, drinks, on desserts, as a cupcake topper, and more. Be careful not to drop on a hard surface as the edible garnish will break. This is a hard, sugar-free candy that is Keto, and has no sugars, no fats, and 6 grams contains 10 calories.