New gift options that are living! Ro Z's organic garden not only has flowers, citrus trees, herbs, and veggies, her garden is full of succulents! Ro has created a combo of succulents in a hand-painted glass (options include mug, canning jars, wine and margarita glasses). No need to over water these gems, as they need little water and a sunny sill. 


These are fragile, so they are not available to ship, however local delivery or pick up can be arranged! Want to personalize the glass? No problem! Just email us at 

Succulent Zen Garden

  • Succulents are hardy. No need to over water. Check soil for dampness. If dry, add a little water until moist. As plants grow, you can clip and replant in another container. They do not like hot sun, so a sunny window sill if perfect with damp soil ... water weekly is fine.