Frequently asked questions

How do I pronounce Ro Z's?


Are you a chef?

I am a Professional Confectionery Artist and Trainer. I went to confectionery art school and took private lessons from top Pastry Chefs along with continued education. I did not go to culinary school to learn savory or manage a kitchen.

Why do you have strict cancellation policy?

Much effort and planning goes into creating a curriculum, lesson plan, or party plan. In addition, supplies/materials need to be purchased in advance, which also requires time to order / pick-up. With last minute cancellations, then there is an opportunity lost as well. We appreciate you, and do everything in our power to ensure your event/class goes well, and we appreciate your consideration of our policies.

Have you ever been on TV? Is it fun?

Yes, I have been on TV many times, and have also worked behind the scenes on Food TV Shows. I have also taught and demonstrated across the United States and Puerto Rico. While it is exciting, it requires a lot of work, dedication, and hours.