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Ro Z (Rosie) is the force behind Ro Z's Sweet Art Studio. Her skills, background, and experience are as vast as her passion for baking, decorating, and helping others. Ro Z's entrepreneurial spirit has guided her through her own business, and an exciting career in Food and Baking Tool Manufacturing as a National Sales Manger / Product Trainer, Brand Ambassador and Bakery Consultant.

Ro's confectionery and baking education with top chef's has allowed her to dive into creating her own recipes, instructing, and training others in their bakery business. From time to time, schedule permitting, Ro works behind the scenes on Food TV and Netflix Nailed It. She has also successfully coordinated and held trade shows, has a published book on Amazon, and successfully operated a school of confectionery arts along with a retail store. Ro contributes to her local community by mentoring students, supporting active military personnel pursuing their dream of owning a bakery, and contributes to charities, including Icing Smiles.  Today, Ro is running her studio, teaching classes, mentoring, and sells Ro Z's brand of products. When she is not working, Ro enjoys daily HIIT/Strength training, writing, watercolor, all in addition to managing a balanced life with her family in San Diego, CA

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