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Updated: Mar 6

DIY Projects, Home Improvement, Shop from Social Media, Bake and Sell from Home, and more are emerging trends begun in 2020, are increasing, and in continuous evolution! The darkness of the Covid pandemic, with a large percentage of the world population out of work and businesses shuttered, has actually pushed us to shift our priorities, guide how we shop, how we work, and how we raise our children.

Limited inventory in most industries and the drive to online

Due to supply chain issues, worldwide freight/transportation issues, manufacturers in all industries have had to shift as well. Notice the shelves at the craft stores limited or empty? Notice the limited offerings at other stores? This has driven more people to search online for their needs, from specialty gourmet foods to interior design goods to everyday household items. People are back in a "DIY" - Do It Yourself phase, from baking to crafting to fixing household items. Some of the DIYers have begun their own businesses. Etsy, Amazon Handmade, and social media groups, Facebook Marketplace, and others have thousands of sellers offering a variety of goods and services. How do you sift through the "noise" of it all to find what you need? "Search" of keywords can help, but you are only finding those savvy enough to use keywords. Finding that gem in the mix might just be luck.

New Lifestyle Changes in everyday life - work, play, family

Adapt - the key word in 2021 - adapt to the change and remain flexible to endure future change. What's around the corner? We don't know, however as humans we really are equipped to adapt to our surroundings. This does not mean just survival tactics. Adapt means to change with our environment. We now have to wear face coverings and social distance to keep each other healthy and "safe". We even tell each other to "be safe" or "stay safe" when we see them. Socially speaking, we have had to shift away from traditional handshakes and hugs to an elbow bump. Awkward, right? We adapt. Really wellness is key, and there are new emerging companies, like The DragonWise, that offering thoughtful, personal protection or "PPE" in the form of face coverings and hand sanitizer. In speaking to Marie, owner of The DragonWise, she expressed the need to offer the "best" in face coverings and filters for face masks, from her special designed masks to the "Dragonscale" mask insert filters. How are these filters different and better than others? The MERV 16 face mask filters are made with high quality nano-fiber technology used in N95 masks, are tested, and are the highest rated filter. The face mask filter inserts nicely in The DragonWise masks and lays snuggly in a non-filtered mask. Not to mention, they are breathable - - one of the most important points! With kids now being able to go back into a school environment, adults going back into a work environment, and shops/restaurants opening at limited capacity, we have to protect ourselves and each other ... to "Stay Safe"

Home-Based Food and Baked Goods Businesses On the Rise

Facebook messenger pings ... its a new contact wanting cookies for an in-home family gathering. Millions of posts on social media groups offering a variety of products. The fastest emerging food offerings over the last year has been "grazing boxes" and "charcuterie boards" for home weddings and gatherings, to take on a picnic, or to give as a gift. A quick search on social media will locate several, however I found a local San Diego business offering online ordering/pick up is the Madeline Cafe and Bakery in Solana Beach, CA. They offer a variety of charcuterie boxes - pick and mix, French pastries, and menu items. Ordering online is simple: https://www.madeleinecafebakeries.com/online-orders or walk into their Cedros Avenue location at: 240 South Cedros Avenue, Solana Beach, CA 92075 Tel: 858-299-4788. Enjoy a Parisian dessert and organic coffee on their outdoor patio.

Other home-based CFO registered businesses in San Diego County offer baked goods, pastries, confections, decorated cookies and PYO Cookies Kits (Ro Z's Sweet Art Studio), small custom wedding cakes (Hey-There Cupcake), and vegan and paleo dessert options (Petite Paleo Bakery). While food safety is a huge concern, especially during pandemic, it is always advised to ask makers on social media if they are CFO registered or Health Permitted, as they are required to have up to date food safety certifications.

How are you adapting? Would like to recommend an outstanding business? Drop us a line at info@rozsweetartstudio.com

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