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Everyone loves to receive a gift at the Holidays....especially with homemade wrapping of some sort, like the image above. I remember when I was young, my mom would sit me at a table full of craft items and show me how to create a handmade ornament to add to a gift package. I used an array of colorful papers, pipe cleaners in glitter colors, pony beads, jingle bells, and LOTS of glue. (I think it was more fun to paint my hand with glue, let it dry, then peel it off! I know others that enjoyed this too!) For a little special add to your gift, add a sprig of rosemary or pine tree with a pine cone. While poinsettias are harmful to animals, you could add colorful roses or sunflowers that might still be growing in your garden. Be creative... and please share with us!


Not sure what to get that special someone? How about an experience? A baking or decorating or cooking experience in their own home with Ro! Give them an E-Gift Card by Ro Z's for any denomination you choose. Questions, just pop an email over to

Stocking stuffers are easy when shopping Ro Z's online store! Ro Z's Gourmet Gingerbread Tree Cookie Mug Mate hangs on a mug of hot cocoa or coffee or hot beverage of your choice. Sprinkle with Ro Z's edible glitter gold stars and silver stars for an extra special effect! Hang the ornament on your tree and let the tree lights reflect the glitter. Such a fun stocking stuffer. Or perhaps a 5-pak of Ro Z's Edible Glitter Shapes: green trees, silver stars, gold stars, red hearts, and blue squares. So much fun for the baker (Holiday Cookie Decorating is upon us) or mixologist friend or family member. Ro Z's makes it special.


Let's Party! Looking to get some friends together? How about a Wine & Paint Party in your home? Ro Z's brings it all! Cookie Art and Cake Art have been super popular....mainly cookies! Work with edible color to "paint" on your cookie or cake. Everything is included for a fun 2 hour party (except the wine...I leave that up to the hostess!). So Let's Party!



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