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DIY Hot Cocoa mix chocolate Bombs

These trendy hot cocoa filled chocolate spheres are all the rage! Super easy to create your own cocoa and espresso filled chocolate bombs (balls) to add to hot milk or hot water. Simply follow the steps below, and add Ro Z's edible glitter shimmer shapes to set them apart from others. (buy yours at

First, gather your ingredients: dark mini chocolate chips; instant espresso and/or instant hot cocoa mix (any brand); and, Ro Z's edible glitter hearts and stars.

Using a melt proof container (pyrex or other suitable vessel), melt about 1 cup of mini chocolate chips 30 seconds at a time until melted. Place Ro Z's Star Shimmer Edible Glitter Shapes in the half spheres of the silicone mold. Pour melted chocolate in (1/3 of the cavity) and use a clean paint brush (food-grade) to painted the cavities. Turn the mold over on wax paper and tap out any extra chocolate. Place the mold in the freezer for 5 minutes, then repeat this process.

Once they are set, remove the half spheres of chocolate from the cavities. Scoop a teaspoon to 2 teaspoons of hot cocoa mix (and a tsp of instant espresso mix to create a mocha mix), add 1/4 tsp of Ro Z's Red Hearts Edible Glitter (or stars) to each half sphere (leaving an equal number of half spheres empty).

The half sphere cavities should be full, then brush melted chocolate on the other half of the empty sphere to attached.

One by One, take each filled half sphere and paint the edge with melted chocolate, then top with an empty chocolate half sphere or vice versa. Make sure there are no holes. If there are, just add melted chocolate. To attached Ro Z's Edible Glitter Shimmer Shapes, just brush melted chocolate along the seam of the sphere and roll in the shimmer glitter.

Heat a cup of milk (I prefer almond milk) until hot. Drop the hot cocoa mix chocolate bomb in the milk and let it dissolve, as you slowly stir with a spoon. The edible glitter shapes will float to the top.

Enjoy! And, get your Ro Z's Edible Glitter Shimmer Shapes here:

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