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Seasonal Drink Garnish Set for the Seasons, Holidays, Special Occasions, Weddings, Birthdays and more!


Each Garnish is handcrafted in a variety of sugar mediums brushed with edible shimmer dust.

Garnish sets vary, and most include a set of 4:

Stir Sticks painted with edible gold paint; garnish accents - floral and others depending on season/holiday. Decorative pieces may be created of a variety of mediums which can include isomalt; sugar paste; fondant; chocolate; or sugar icing depending on the set.

Ro Z's Drink Glitter Garnishes

  • Garnishes are a fun way to accent any drink. Simply use honey or corn syrup to stick accents to the rim of your glass or to a fruit garnish. Lighter weight accents will float and the heavier accents will sink to the bottom of the glass. All have a brushing of edible shimmer glitter to impart a Shimmer to your drink. Stir sticks are used to stir in Shimmer glitter.

    Do not bite stir sticks. The sugar paste will on the stir sticks and accents will melt in the drink.

  • Please allow 3 to 4 days for garnishes to be created. They are made to order. Also allow shipping time.

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